MEME Exchange

MEME Exchange is a new generation DAO-powered top-tier MEME exchange that is completely community-driven, community-built, and community-governed. We have had enough of the opaque operations and exploitative practices of capital exchanges. As a result, the new generation DAO-governed MEME exchange has emerged!

MEME Services

We provide a comprehensive and transparent governance platform that offers trading growth, liquidity growth, token ecosystem creation, and community development assistance for all top-tier community projects.

No longer serving money, no longer serving relationships, no longer serving exploiters. We will always serve the community, always serve the users, always serve decentralization.

Trading Growth

With MEMEex's efficient trading system and multi-chain cross-chain services, we help community projects achieve rapid and secure trading growth.

Liquidity growth

MEMEex provides a variety of liquidity growth tools, including automatic market making, pledge lending, and Defi liquidity pools, to help community projects improve their liquidity levels.Contact Us

Creation of token

ecosystemMEMEex establishes a complete ecosystem for top MEME projects, including listing services, launch financing, community governance, etc., to assist in the healthy and sustainable development of projects.

Community Development Assistance

MEMEex provides comprehensive community development assistance, including ecological governance functions such as voting for listing, launch voting, proposal voting, etc., to promote common community growth.

DAO Governance Services

MEMEex provides a series of DAO governance services for all top MEME projects and communities, including DAO listing services, DAO launch services, ICO seed financing, IDO public financing, IEO listing financing, financial information, DAO mining pools, ecological community governance, pledge lending, liquidity pool creation governance, wealth management, encrypted transactions, automatic market making, 60+cross chain services, and custom token quotes

MEME Exchange Ecological Technology Model

Cryptographic token trading, automatic market making

DAO open pit function

Free and open pledge lending

Open self-service lottery pool

Defi liquidity pool, transaction finance

Creation and management of financing functions such as DAO launch pad, ICO, IDO, IEO, etc

Community development governance, voting for listing, launch voting, incubation voting, proposal voting and other ecological governance functions

60+blockchain network fast cross chain services Customized addition and query of market

Customized addition and query of market information for on chain contracts

MEMEex Revenue Source

  • Listing fees
  • Automated market making fees
  • Launch fees
  • Lottery management fees
  • Financial information fees
  • DAO mining pool fees
  • Community voting fees
  • Incubation acceleration fees
  • Cross-chain withdrawal fees
  • Staking and lending fees
  • Defi governance fees
  • Token trading fees
  • Contract management fees
  • Advertising management fees

MEMEex Income Distribution

  • 50% held by development team
  • 10% held by foundation
  • 10% held by seed investors (based on exchange account data)
  • 10% held for ecosystem governance
  • 20% held for buyback and burn

MEME Token Economics

Total supply: 1000000000000 (1T)

  • 15% held by development team (6-month cliff, then 5% unlocked monthly)
  • 10% held by foundation (4-month cliff, then 3% unlocked monthly)
  • 30% held by Defi mining pool (TGE 0.5%, 6% annually, 0.5% monthly distribution for 5 years)
  • 12% held for governance rewards (TGE 0.2%, 2.4% annually, 0.2% monthly distribution for 5 years)
  • 4% held by CEX market making (1-month cliff, then 10% unlocked monthly)
  • 1% held for initial liquidity pool (TGE 100%, added to DEX)
  • 8% held for seed sale (2-month cliff, then 8% unlocked monthly)
  • 20% held for public sale (TGE 20% unlocked, 10% unlocked monthly)

MEME Network Support

Top MEME projects in over 60 blockchain networks, including Ethereum (ETH) network, PEGO network, Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network, Arbitrum (ARB) network, TRON (TRX) network, Base network, Bitcoin (BTC) network, OEC network, SHIBA network, OP network, PRC network, FON network, and more.

MEME Development Team

The MEME development team is composed of a group of top members in the cryptocurrency and internet fields, with some members publicly disclosed and others remaining anonymous. We have gathered industry experts in various fields, such as computer science, information security, communications, mathematics, blockchain gaming, AI, social media, storage, cross-chain, and high-frequency algorithmic trading. Our team has rich experience in internet and blockchain underlying technology, distributed database, cryptographic algorithms, application layer construction, cross-chain technology, and more. Not only do we boast strong technical abilities, but we also have excellent research capabilities, constantly achieving major breakthroughs in various fields such as distributed ledger and distributed consensus.

Formerly served as the Chief Marketing Officer of SHIBA INU, FIL Global Marketing, and Tokenlon's early marketing team, with over ten years of experience in marketing operations, enterprise management, cryptocurrency management, and more.

Previously served as the Operations Director of FTX Exchange and the Commercial Director of COINHUB Wallet, with three years of experience in managing and operating large exchanges and wallets.

Previously worked as an Amazon engineer with years of experience in internet and blockchain technology.

Previously served as the Chief Information Officer of SOLANA, Huobi, and COINHUB, with years of experience in cryptocurrency information management.

I have served as a marketer for multiple exchanges such as FTX and Huobi, and have years of experience in cryptocurrency marketing.

Previously served as FCH product design manager, HOO product manager, etc., with over three years of product design experience

Previously served as the Global Marketing Director of REEF and PHA, with experience in global marketing promotion for multiple large-scale projects

Previously served as the Business Director of platforms such as Famdao and TRX, with experience in platform business PR, project maintenance, and more